RESPONSIBILITIES: but are not limited to the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

Maintain common areas

  • Janitors are responsible for maintaining clean conditions in mill common areas

Clean Floors

  • Janitors sweep and/or mop lunchroom, washroom, meeting room and office floors. Hand scrubbing may be required to remove some marks and stains. Periodically, floor buffing and waxing is performed with a power buffer. In carpeted areas, Janitors use a vacuum to clean the floor.

Clean surfaces

  • Janitors are also responsible for cleaning all surfaces in washrooms, lunchrooms, meeting rooms, and offices.

Remove garbage

  • Janitors are responsible for removing trash from mill common areas

Carry Equipment

  • Janitors carry equipment and supplies to areas throughout the mill. This equipment can be for janitor use, such a mop buckets and boxes of paper towel, or for general employee use, like water cooler bottles.

Restock Supplies

  • Janitors are responsible for stocking supplies related to their area, such as paper towel, toilet paper, soap dispensaries, hand sanitizer dispensaries

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