Alberta’s Most Natural Love Story

Love Alberta Forests is a province-wide awareness campaign created to highlight the relationship between Albertans and our forests. We are lucky to have an incredible forest resource that benefits us all, and our forest management practices are among the best in the world. Love Alberta Forests celebrates everything our forests do for us and the care with which we manage them in return.

What We Get:

Climate & Environment

Our forests are a powerful ally in the fight against climate change. They clean our air and water and support thousands of wildlife species. Every minute of every day, our forests make Alberta a better place to live.

Recreation & Culture

Forests have always been part of Albertans’ lives. Countless treasured memories and even whole communities have taken shape around them. A visit to the forest reconnects us with things that are bigger than ourselves – the wonder of the natural world and thousands of years of history and heritage.

A Renewable Resource

Our forests provide the materials to build things people all over the world cherish. We have trees and plants to thank for our homes, furniture and even life-saving items like bandages, medicines and IV bags. A new way of using what used to be considered waste from production also gives us a renewable, carbon-neutral alternative to energy from fossil fuels and coal.

What We Give:

Planning & Growing

In Alberta, provincial laws and regulations hold industry accountable to some of the highest sustainability standards in the world. Protecting water sources, accounting for wildlife habitat needs and maintaining forest health are all part of the detailed 200-year forest management plans Alberta requires from companies that work in our forests.

Forest Regeneration

When trees are harvested in Alberta, provincial law requires that the area must be reforested. Just re-planting isn’t enough – the job isn’t done until a healthy, diverse, self-sustaining new forest has been successfully established. Making that happen takes careful long-term planning, a deep understanding of what makes a healthy forest, and years of diligent, attentive care.

Research & Innovation

Forests are complex ecosystems. To care for them, we need to make the effort to learn about them. Countless researchers around the world, including here in Alberta, spend their professional lives getting to know our forests in intimate detail. Forest companies provide funding and support to help make this research possible.

The best practices, policies, laws and regulations that guide how we care for our forests are based on the work of passionate people who devote their careers to studying our natural environment.

Learn more about the campaign here:

The AFPA (the Alberta Forest Products Association) is encouraging Albertans to interact with the campaign and share why you love Alberta’s forests using the #loveabforests hashtag. The Association can be found @albertaforests on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Love Alberta Forests is an initiative of AFPA, made possible by funding from FRIAA (the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta).

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