Roles and Responsibilities

Owning Safety:

  • Actively participates in Pinnacle’s Owning Safety culture, including the use of DATS for recording safety conversations, observations and training.  Regularly sets an example and provides leadership for Owning Safety looks to contribute in all areas of the business.
  • Support the leadership team when mentoring and training other employees to ensure employees are properly trained and competent complete with the appropriate documentation.
  • Maintains Pinnacle’s high standards of housekeeping within the department and with the participation of all team members.
  • Utilizes SDS for all chemicals used in the production and ensures all employees are adequately trained on their use.
  • Complete all safety-related Plant Operator Development Program training requirements as required by each Level.
  • Participate and communicate on the company radio’s following Pinnacle’s Radio Usage Procedure
  • Active involvement in Pinnacle OH&S Committee.

Team & Leadership:

  • Communicate and provide leadership to all employees through the Pellet manufacturing process, promoting and supporting compliance to Safety, Production, Quality and operating policies and procedures.
    • Support Plant Management activities relating to the proper training and safety of all new hires, New & Young Workers program, Safety Indoctrination, Onboarding, Job Specific Training, etc.
  • Maintain composure while leading, communicating and directing plant employees during times of upset conditions including unsafe conditions or emergency evacuations.
  • Troubleshoot both minor and major upset conditions providing direction to plant employees.
  • Provide technical training support and mentorship to peers as well as to Operators in the Plant Operator Development Program
  • Participate and provide leadership in training of mobile equipment, confined space, Hazard Identification, etc.
  • Participate, where required, in incident and accident investigation.
  • Coordinate holiday planning to ensure continual coverage of necessary positions within the plant.
  • Liaise with other Pinnacle management including HR, Safety, Training and Senior Executives.


  • Provide leadership and direction at all plant employees in the safe operation of all equipment used in the process to make pellets. This includes but is not limited to monitoring moistures, Pelleter temperatures, Pelleter in-feed speed, bulk densities, dryer temperatures, Scrubber operations, motor amps and all necessary processes related to production.
  • Troubleshoot and make adjustments to the in-feed mixes and direct the Loader Operators according to the type of fiber and moistures of the fiber.
    • Communicate with all employees and manage Pinnacle’s HMI system’s to ensure maximum production.
  • Continually monitor and analyze HMI system
    • Communicate with Automation Team as needed
  • Review notes with cross shift Operator at the beginning and end of each shift communicating fibre mixes, overviews of equipment efficiencies, expected delays or upset conditions.
  • Manage and communicate fibre needs coordinating with the Loader Operator as well as with the Production Team Leads to ensure Pelleters have enough fibre to continue production.
  • Communicate housekeeping needs to Utility that supports all activities keeping the pellet mill clean and mitigating unacceptable levels of dust accumulation.
    • This includes and is not limited to taking care of grease spillage, sweeping the mill, blowing down when necessary and ensuring that dust buildup does not exceed the thickness of a dime.  The Operator also has a responsibility to ensure that the daily cleanup is getting done.
  • Conduct testing and complete necessary reports on moisture content.
    • Ensure pellets are in the desired moisture range.
    • Ensure Bulk density is within required standards.
  • Direct and communicate to all employees on shift as to what mix is to be received and when to load rail cars.


  • Able to operate mobile equipment safely and efficiently.
  • Can complete forms and basic checklists associated with cleanup and rail car loading.
  • Adaptable to changes in work schedules or work tasks.
  • Must be a team player with excellent interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving skills.
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Experience in heavy industry operations an asset
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and written skills
  • Good mechanical aptitude
  • Valid Driver’s license

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