The jury’s votes are in! This week the Prairie Wood Design Award winners were officially announced at the Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton. Below are the winning projects from each category:

Category: Residential

Building: Tall Timbers

Location: Canmore, Alberta

Designer: russell and russell design studios

Photography: CMC Photography and Measure Services


Category: Interior Wood Showcase

Building: Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Designer: Gibbs Gage Architects with Diamond Schmitt Architects  

Photography: Ed White Photographics


Category: Commercial

Building: RAW:Wasagaming

Location: Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Designer: AUX: Projects

Photography: Simeon Rusnak Photography


Category: Recreational

Building: Camp Manitou Outdoor Hockey Facility

Location: Headingley, Manitoba

Designer: 1×1 architecture inc.

Photography: Lisa Stinner-Kun


Category: Institutional

Building: Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Designer: GEC Architecture

Photography: Adam Mørk Architectural Photography


Category: Industry Award

Building: ATCO Headquarters

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Designer: Gibbs Gage Architects with Pickard Chilton

Photography: Jason Dziver Photography


Category: Jury’s Choice

Building: Montreal House

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Designer: Sturgess Architecture

Photography: Robert Lemermeyer Photography


Category: Wood Advocate Award

Building: The Simmons Building

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Designer: McKinley Burkhart Architects

Photography: Roy Ooms Photography

Congratulations to all nominated and winning projects for 2019! We look forward to seeing more amazing projects for the next Praire Wood Design Awards.

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