Sawmill Machine Operators at Northland Forest Products Ltd. operate, monitor and control automated sawmill and planermill equipment to process logs to dimensional lumber and other softwood lumber products. Operators also perform manual labour duties required to keep processes flowing through the sawmill and planermill.

Example Positions:

  • Prentice Operator
  • Cut Off Saw Operator
  • Deckman
  • Canterline Operator
  • Board Edger Operator
  • Hewsaw Operator
  • Trimsaw Operator
  • Bin Runner
  • Stacker Operator
  • Tilt Hoist Operator
  • Planer Operator
  • Wrapper/Strapper

Main Duties:

An operator’s responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspect, start-up and operate sawmill and planermill equipment, it’s infeed and outfeed components and related conveyor systems. Automated equipment may be operated from control rooms or equipment consoles and may be observed on monitoring systems.
  • Visually calculate size, condition, quality and other characteristics on logs and lumber to determine cuts to carry out, or use automated equipment to convey logs through laser scanners which determine the most productive and profitable cutting patterns.
  • Maintain equipment and facilities; lubrication, clean-up, blade and saw replacement may require the use of hand tools, wrenches, gauges, shovels, brooms, compressed air.
  • Chainsaw operation.
  • Health and safety program participation.


Employment Requirements:

Operators should have the following qualifications:

  • High school education or greater is an asset
  • Heavy equipment certification may be an asset
  • Courses in wood processing technology or forest technology is an asset
  • A good understanding of sawmill and/or planermill equipment and its processes, and experience in the maintenance of this equipment is valuable
  • Some operator positions (Cut Off Saw, Canterline, Planer Operator, Prentice Operator) may require several years of experience, usually within our own company. Entry level employees with minimum experience can expect higher levels of labour related manual activities.
  • Transportation to and from work is required
  • Punctuality, ability to work alone and as part of a group, good physical condition, safety consciousness, and good problem solving skill is required.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is mandatory. Operators must supply, maintain and wear their own CSA approved steel toe boots. Hearing protection, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and dust masks are supplied by the company.
  • Ability to take direction is required as on the job training is provided


Physical Demands:

In a 9 hour day:

  • The employee must sit approximately 3, walk approximately 3, stand approximately 3 hours (unless the position includes operating rolling stock which would require longer periods of sitting).
  • The job requires squatting, reaching, bending twisting, stair climbing, exposure to dust and being near moving equipment.

The job requires the occasional lifting, pushing and/or pulling of 0 to 74lbs, occasional carrying of 0 to 34lbs, and the possible use of a prybar (approx. 30lbs) and/or a chainsaw (approx. 20lbs).

If you’re interested in joining our team, simply download the application and send it, along with your resume, to!